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About Us

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The instructors of Truth Institute use the latest truth verification technology to include kinetics.  Our lead instructor has received the distinguished James L. Chapman award for developing innovative techniques on identifying sex offenders during Truth Verification Examinations. The Truth Institute of America, travels throughout the United States speaking about the interview skills used during this technique. Our instructors are certified in general topics by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and we have created our own 3-day Kinesics/Interview class that we have taught to Police Officers, Detectives, Prosecutors and Judges throughout the United States. This class has been highly rated by anyone who attends. 


Some of our clients have included the Michael Jackson Estate, book author Sean DeGrilla, the New York Police Department, the Judicial Circuit of Florida (various circuits throughout the State), and prominent attorneys throughout the United States. We are a member of the Human Behavioral Lab working beside world-renowned body language expert Susan Constantine MPsy.

Our interview techniques have been peer reviewed and published in The Journal of Child Sexual Abuse “Shadows Into Light: The Investigative Utility of Voice Analysis with two types of online child sex predators”.

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